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Highwater Hose Turns 20

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The IntrepidXP® is a new and unique product manufactured by Highwater Hose Inc. Designed to operate primarily as high-pressure supply hose, the IntrepidXP® also has the capacity to be utilized on the attack side of the pumper, making it one of a kind.

Strength and Durability

The high-pressure capacity of the dual-function hose is exceptional, being capable of producing up to 300 PSI in working pressure. To engage the specific need for high durability, the IntrepidXP®; features a triple ribbed design, allowing it to provide superior protection against the wears and tears of abrasion, which are common in the use of this type of hose. Its rubber construction also alleviates the user from long drying time, being virtually maintenance free and resistant to molds and mildews.

Surpassing Flexibility

While some hoses lose their flexibility in lower temperatures, the IntrepidXP® is able to maintain its flexibility in temperatures as low as -35 degrees F. Additionally, the IntrepidXP® is 20 percent lighter than any other existing rubber hose classified as an attack hose, which contributes to the remarkable packability of the product.   

Looking for a high quality hose that you can count on? Look no further, at Highwater Hose Inc., we have what you need! Backed by our notable family of guarantees, our hoses are leaders in the industry of fire protection. Give us a call today at 1.888.832.4310 and let us help you!



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